Shipping Schedule –

Shipping Schedule

52 LB Dumbbells

If you placed your order...

  • After December 21st -  In Stock
  • After October 10th and before November 17th - ships early December
  • On November 17th to December 8th - ships mid/late December (10th to 30th)

90 LB 

If you placed your order..

  • As of January 10th - In Stock
  • On December 8th or later, ships mid-late January
  • After October 2nd and before November 10th - ships early December
  • Between November 10th and November 22nd ships mid December (10th to 19th)
  • Between November 23rd to December 7th, ships Late December / Early January
If you placed your order..
  • After November 15th, your stands will ship Mid/late January 2021

***Partial fulfillment may occur if an item is ready to ship***